Electronic Components

Global Access, Quality and Customer Service

Our worldwide network of trusted resources allows ABDIMS to find and deliver the specific parts, hard to find parts and obsolete electronic parts for your business requirements. Our component suppliers span across America, Asia and Europe. Our experience and reputation around the world have helped us build a global network of resources. Our trusted partners help us locate, authenticity testing and delivering high-quality electronic components, while guarding against counterfeits, used parts or damaged parts.

ABDIMS goal is simplicity itself: to deliver value to the individuals and companies we work with. Achieving this requires dedication, hard work, experience and insight. The dedication and hard work is about being committed to delivering outstanding customer service - day in, day out. The focus is on service, quality and building trusted relationships with our clients are very importance to us.

ABDIMS offers a 1 year guarantee on all components sold to our clients. Your project is important to us, so fast delivery is our primary goal. Our team responds to your requests, gets to work immediately to provide great competitive prices and on-time delivery of electronic parts. If you would like to discuss any aspect of our service please contact your account managers for more information.


Actel *Agastat *Alco Switch/Tyco *Aligent *Allen Bradley *Alpha *Allegro *Altera *American Power *American Zettler Amp/Tyco *Amphenol *Analog Devices *Atmel *Avago *AVX *Belden *Bel Fuse *Broadcom *Cal-Chip *Cisco *Comlinear Conversion *Corcom/Tyco *Cypress *Dale *Dallas *Dialight *Electroswitch *Epson * Eveready *Exar *Excelight *Fairchild Fisher Connectors *Freescale *HP *Hitachi *Harwin Hirose *IDT *Infineon *Intel *Intersil *ITT *Kemet *Kyocera *Lattice *Lemo *Linear Technology *Littlefuse *Magnecraft *Maxim *Microchip *Midtex *Micron *Microsemi *Mil Spec *Molex *National *NEC Neutrik *NKK *NXP/Philips *Omron *ON Semiconducter *Panasonic *Pancon *Panduit *Pomona *Potter *PowerDynamics *Powermate *Pulse *Raychem/Tyco *Renesas *Ricoh *Samsung *Samtec *Siemens *Sola *Sprague/Vishay *ST Micro *Stanley *Struthers-Dunn *Switchcraft *TDK *TE *Texas Instruments *Toshiba *Tyco *Vantis *Vishay *Western Digital *Wima *Winbond *Xicon *Xicor *Xilinx *Yageo *Zetex *Zilog